Thursday, November 06, 2008

This will be like the "Rachel Ray" post; quickly prepared, nutrilicious truthiness in under 5 minutes. Obama got elected. Now we have to lay into OUR side to force them to do what's right for this nation, not their own interests. We need to make it safe for women, gays, people of color and those who differ (even with those of who are self-aware and awesomely enlightened) to speak, love, live and strive in ALL of our nation's cities and towns. We must cease to pretend that it's okay for some areas of this country to be run as if they were not subject to the same constitution as the rest of us. AND we must figure out a way for the GOD bothers to have their eucharist--and eat it,too--without imposing their beliefs on the rest of us. I'm done for today. I gotta get to work--and so do YOU! Violins con dios! S'okay, it was done, but then I decided to inflict a poem on you. I wrote it in 2004 and it's ostensibly about two people, but it's really about all of us. The Half-life of Intolerance The half-life of intolerance is a phenomenon of relationships. That which was a ripple on the fabric of love, Becomes the garment that chafes our hearts. What has been irritating becomes unbearable. It is not the thorn in our side; The burr under our saddle; The stone in our shoe. It is our fear; Of becoming irrelevant, Of becoming peripheral where we were epicentric. It is the fear of being once again, and forever, alone. Drowned in a desert; Starving in the midst of bounty; Dying of thirst in a river of your love. The more I dwell on this the farther I move from my center. I feel as if I’m the only one who is lost or hurt. Then I see the sadness in your smile. I hear the pain cracking the melody of your brave voice. I realize then that we are both afraid. I realize that it is, perhaps, why we are together in this place, now. We are meant to add the strength of two often enough to become one. 2/07/04


Anonymous said...

beautiful poem.

I'm beyond thrilled about America electing her first black President - but I am also very disheartened that so many blacks voted in favor of banning gay marriage in California. People still don't understand the oppression comes in many forms.

democommie said...


Thank you.

As someone else pointed out on another blog. The people to be upset with are the LDS'ers who paid for and designed the misinformation campaign to scare so many people into voting for the amendment. There is, unfortunately, a lot of anti-gay bias in traditional black religious faiths. One can hope that, too, will change.

Fran said...

Well said, demo, well said!

mutzali said...

I'm not so sure the passage of Prop 8 can be laid at the doorstep of black voters. California is 55%white, 28% Latino, 11% Asian, and only 6% Black. That doesn't work out to Black folks putting Prop 8 over the top.
If you look at how the state voted, the urban centers voted No, and the Central Valley rural, and home to some of the most ignorant rednecks this side of Texas) voted Yes. (OK, I grew up in the Central Valley. But I got out when I could.)

I'm thinking this is more propaganda from those diversity loving folks from Salt Lake.