Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Old POWARHERO's never STFU, they just become irrelevant

You know, it seems like just yesterday I was lamenting the fact that I have very little charity in my heart for the unrepentant asshats that, now they have lost the election, want to make hating america a KKKristian virtue. Oh, wait, it was just yesterday. So, it seems that John McCain, fresh from his disastrous presidential campaign wants to go help Saxby Chambliss get re-elected in the runoff election down in Jawjuh on December 2 ( I was all for poking him and likeminded shitheads with a sharp stick anyway, but now it appears that I would be justified in doing so. He is, he really is a p.o.s. of breathtaking stupdidity. I wonder if he and George The Worst have some sort of side bet going for who can lose the most stature in the shortest amount of time. I know Bushkins has an awesome early lead, but McCain is rapidly closing the gap. UPDATE: Oh, boy! I've just gotten my first real knuckledragger troll, Serr8d, whose blognomen is obviously sharper than his wit. It will be interesting to see how much bile he can spew. For those who remember Nashville is talking or MCB blogs, Serr8d and a few of his gang from Sickmeat buffet were startrolls over there. They all have their own blogs but they love to pollute others when they're not busy shitting into their own feed troughs. It will probably be getting nasty here, soon. Oh, dear!


Anne Johnson said...

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall yesterday when Obama and Bush met.

Bush: This here's the Oval Office.

Obama: Can you recommend a contractor? I want to have this room stripped to the studs and completely re-done... drywall, floor-finishing, curtains, the works.

Bush: Oh yeah, Halliburton can handle that for ya.

Serr8d said...

Hey, it's the shitstain Democommie! It has it's only wittle bwog now!

Is that really your picture, you gay-looking fuck? Truck tires across your face, or what?

Am I going to have some fun with that!

democommie said...


It's so nice to hear from you, you wortless piece of dung. You know what's nice about having my own blog. I can dump shit like yours into the crapper (and you along with it) when it becomes too annoying. You know, there's a good reason I would never come to your blog. I choose not to associate with fucking assholes, like you and the rest of your rationality challenged ilk, when I have a choice.

Be sure to wipe the drool off your chin when you're done.

Anonymous said...

“Gay looking fuck”? What are you, twelve? Learn how to sling a freakin’ insult before you step up to the big boys.

Richard said...

Congratulations on your troll! Don't hurt him too badly or he'll go all El Tigre whatever on your ass and disappear forever.

Serr8d said...


Democommie, you won't come around my blog or TennesseeFree because you know your vile ass would be shut down in a heartbeat. I'd beat you until you face was blacker than the inside of Obama's asshole. You killed Music City Bloggers and NIT, so you aren't welcome anywhere near where I post.

Oh, and I've let Brian at 6MB know where you're at. Your attempts to stay hidden are over.

Glad to see you have some they know your history? Seems that your sig alone would be enough to alert decent people to steer clear.

But I suppose that even a shit-flinging monkey needs a few blowup dolls.

Anonymous said...

Demo, you “killed” Music City Bloggers and NIT?! Whoa, dude. Who knew you had the power to kill blogs single-handedly. We’d all better kiss your ass now.

By the way, when is this “serr8d” douche gonna get banned? You know he’s about one mind-numbingly stupid insult away from blurting out a racial slur. I thought the McCain/Palin rallies were over and done with.

democommie said...

Dave von Ebers:

Mr. Serridiot and a few of his pals from Sixdicks Buffet are a bunch of badass, gun toting, commie killing bloggers who on the one hand claim all people who don't subscribe to their fucked up world view are powerless pussies and then turn around and moan about "their blogs" (NIT, MCB) being shut down by ME. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

I'd say it's a safe bet that most of the folks who come here more than once are fairly familiar with my likes and dislikes.


You keep telling "if" I came to your blog. That will not happen while I'm still sane. If I become a witless douchebag, I'll be there in a heartbeat.


democommie said...

"Seems that your sig alone would be enough to alert decent people to steer clear."

Like I said, cognitive dissonance.

SeattleDan said...

Well,he's right that starting a public blog is not a good way to stay "hidden". If you were hiding. If you were ever hidden. Or trying to stay hidden.

How long do you think Serrbated took on teh googles to find you?

democommie said...


I think he lurks at cold dead liberal websites, waiting for a whiff of humanity to hunt it down and destroy it.

moondancer said...

Gee demo, I come for a visit and you already have a vermin infestation. Use lye soap to wash the pansies mouth out. If you need help just give a shout.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Whenever I think of trolls, I think of those plastic ones from the 60s with the tufts of fluorescent hair. Does your troll resemble onna them, Demo? Do you have pictures from whatever blog it has?

I find trolls amusing. But then, I like to see poo-flinging monkeys at the zoo, as long as there's a plastic window between me and them. In this case, a comouter screen serves the same purpose.

Troll motto: "So many people to hate, so little time."

democommie said...

Bukko in Australia:

This one wants to:

"...beat you until you face was blacker than the inside of Obama's asshole. You killed Music City Bloggers and NIT, so you aren't welcome anywhere near where I post.

Obviously he's never looked at a colonoscopy video ( I have both of mine in VHS, BETA and Blu-Ray). The darkest to the lightest, we all be pink inside--unless of course you have a polyp or trollyp.

In the annals of blogdom I've never heard of a commenter "killing" a blog. I mean you can't post or edit, you can have your posts deleted and you can be banned. You got to have serious mojo (way outta my league) to defeat those odds and take the balls and brains of a blog.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, Demo ... but you won a contest ...

MJS said...

I've been hunting for Limbaugh's butt cyst for almost forty years, and voila! I find it here, talking big boy trash! Actually, "serr8d" aptly captures the look of the blade that lanced oxycon's deferment boil. Added bonus": behold, he's a poopy mouth with a pus spigot for a man wand! Break out the Syrah: dinner is served!


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Demo -- don't you understand? The troll is acknowledging your power!

Mate, he's saying your words are so awesome that you can single-handedly shut not one, but TWO blogs. Blogs over which you have no control, except as a visitng scribbler. You overwhelmed the weak wills of the limp white boys who battled you. The troll thinks he's insulting you, but he's actually saying you defeated him.

I think he's got a secret hard-on for ya, mate. You didn't go seeking HIM out, didja? He came looking for you. It's like in third grade, when little boys run up to girls and pull their hair. They long for the girls at some unconscious level, but it would seem to sissy to them to admit it. So they tease where they actually want to touch. Your troll loves you, Demo.

Sharon said...

I wonder if the reichtards understand that their 1st Amendment rights are not absolute. Threaten the President-Elect with bodily harm, and they're likely to find the FBI knocking on their door Real Soon.

Frogspond said...

Be kind to your troll because...

Oh, who am I kidding. LOL!!!

Hello Democommie *waving* I will visit more often now that I am getting a little less crispy around the edges.

democommie said...

Hello Frogspond:

Welcome! I will come to your place, too. You gotta place, right?

I gotta figure out how to know when someone's posted to an older thread.

Frogspond said...

No biggie on the catching the posting to older thread. (if you change your settings to send you an email when someone posts a comment you can know that way. However you get WAYYYYY more comments than I do and your inbox may fill up...)

I think if you click on my profile you can get to my blogs. :-)