Sunday, October 06, 2013

So far off that they can't even be wrong


"Of course, not all of the country’s referendums are meant to promote a socialist state. For example, a majority of Swiss voters have voiced support for a referendum that would maintain the country’s conscription policy , which requires all men in the country aged 18-34 to complete a period of public service." (

is an exemplar of what's wrong with what passes for professional journalism in the world (particularly the U.S.) today.

If universal conscription is not emblematic of socialism, I'm not sure if anything else could be. What, after all, says, "We're all in this together.", more forcefully than telling everyone that they MUST serve in their country's armed forces?

It seems that the writer(s) have conflated militarism with capitalibertyness and a "floor" for earnings (in one of the wealthiest nations on earth) with rampant commomusliGAYtheism. It would be deliciously funny, if it wasn't a contributing factor in the disinformation wars waged by the ReiKKKwing "news" outlets. Misinformation, blatantly erroneous conflation and outright fabrication constitute the core of the offering from FuckTheNew'sCorpse and their fellow slimetrailers in the media. And the horseshit that they shovel onto the airwaves, cable and the intertoobz is, usually, treated as a "viewpoint" by the MSM and simply passed along without critical comment or any questioning as to their accuracy, validity or relevance .

The "Shutdown" is a case in point.

The deliberate and malicious shutdown of a number of U.S. government agencies last week was engineered by the GOP, specifically the batshitKKKrazzee SKKKrotalMurKKKanPatriotiKKK Front Wing* of the GOP. It was allowed to happen by the rest of the GOP out of fear, fear that the Frankenstein that they have created in the crackpot religious/nationalist/xenophobic/racist/posse comitatus/gunzloonz/anti-tax fringe**, will primary their asses into oblivion if they act like rational adults and stop this nonsense.

That, in itself, is bad enough. However, what we also have to contend with is the ReiKKKwing noise machine blaming the rest of the country for causing this, and particularly blaming the dems and the PotUS. The charges are complete nonsense. If the so-called MSM were doing their job, they would simply note that FuckTheNew'sCorpse reported thus and so, and then proceed to demonstrate that it's a lie. Instead they report it with no attempt to refute what is obviously untrue.

I rarely listen to or watch a news program. I choose to read accounts by reputable sources (they do exist) and form my opinions from genuine information instead of the breathless nonsense that passes for news and analysis on the airwave, public or private and cable.

*  You might refer to them as "Patriots", "Teabaggers" or "Petulant, hypocritical assholes".

** The effective majority in today's GOP.

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