Thursday, October 24, 2013

Poor, poor pitiful Grover.

It appears that Grover Norquist has done such a good job of  "raisin' up" his anti-tax astroturfers that they not only hate taxes, they hate anyone who's not completely fucking insane--per this link:

which Ed Brayton over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars picked up on, here:

My comment:


"This is the tactic that Gary DeMar, a genuine Christian reconstructionist, takes in attacking Grover Norquist for his criticism of Ted Cruz."

That sentence makes me think of that old cartoon with the guppy being swallowed by the goldfish being swallowed by....
Gosh, seeing poor Grover being attacked by a member of the BKBotBS*--a movement which he was instrumental in creating; a movement that he nurtured, funded and whose collective ego he stroked while it sought to kill liberalism and, instead, killed the last bits of genuine conservatism in the GOP--when I see that happening, I picture poor Grover weeping in the wreckage of his bunker mentality. I see that and I think:
"Aw, c'mon Grover, things could be worse. You could be getting indicted for tax fraud, outed for being a HINO**, watching your entire portfolio going up in smoke or finding out that you have a rare, incurable form of colon cancer that will take a slow and painful course from your anus right to your brain, wasting your body along the way, until you're small enough to drown in a cup of TEA!"
That could ALL be happening, Grover (and I, for one, look forward to hearing that it has) but for now, you still have your money and your Fortress of Indignorance, although you HAVE lost control of your Frankenwhine followers.

*    Batshit KKKrazzeepants Brigade of the Burnin' Stoopit.
**   Heterosexual In Name Only


Seeing Grover in this situation makes me remember the end of Jurassic Park 2 where the evil themepark fuck, Peter Ludlow, is wounded by the adult T-Rex so it's little guy can learn how to kill--it's kinda sweet in a cold-blooded patriarchal sortaway.

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