Sunday, September 12, 2010

John DeNugent--Racist without a clue.

I decided to just cut'n'paste another piece of my own from elsewhere because although it's parody I think most individuals with a brain will understand that, and will also understand that I actually am not a racist. I do however concede that some readers and unwelcome commenters here seem unable to grasp the concept so I just felt it necessary to state this upfront. Before we get to my autoplaigarized work, I need to tell those who don't know about this fella, John DeNugent, a little background. He has been a white nationalist for at least 25 years. Stormfront used to "heart" him big time for his Aryammering. He don't like him some ("all" would probably be a fair statement) juden and "mud people". He does go on about how countries like France are being, well, fucked out of existence the darkones. He's a loon and so of course, some folks like him for president! The following was originally a comment on this thread: over at ScienceBlogs. Dear Mr. deNugentodemento: The democommie family traces its proud lineage back to William the Conquerors little known adopted halfstep-brother, Baldric the used longboat salesman (a hint for longboat buyers, don't pay any attention to that prat who's keening about the beautiful new, 100% irish linen sails, or the nifty little "cap'ns sauna" on the fantail. Look at the tholepins and you'll know just how many laps around the Baltic this puppy's run!). The family tree, rather gracelessly referred to as a "weed, a weed what needs rootin' out, guvnor!" by some detractors, includes many branches, some burls, a few gauls (or galls?) and beautiful blonde leaves--but with very dark roots. We are of all three Irish colors, green, orange and black. There's a couple of welshmen and at least one alsatian in the mix (a nice granny lady, not the horrible guard dog of so many WWII Stalag films) so we are, generally, of pure british stock. However, careful and wishful genetical research leads me to the inescapable (as well, unprovable) conclusion that at least one of my forebears was a Kenyalizardofascist--quite possible Obama's father's great-great to the nth reptilodaddy. Me and Obama aren't just homies, dudes, we're brothers! And, since the presidency will now be an hereditary post--I could be next in line!! Dude if you think those muslimofascistkenyalizardo people are a bitch to deal with, wait until you have me, a pudgy, KKKrackerKKKrazee (just not racist)-- whiter than the insides of an Aroostook County spud--telling my fellow Murkyones that it's not just okay to messugahnasty with all hues and colors, but their patriotical duty, as well, too. Bring it on, you albionalbinoasshole git! Posted by: democommie | September 12, 2010 8:29 AM BTW, I love GAY people AND your general run-o-the-mill religionist or atheist a whole lot more than I like gunnutz--and in pretty much the same way that I love my brothers and sisters. That is to say that though I may disagree with things they do and say, I heartily support their right to do and say them--as well as their practice of doing so--as long as it is legaln(assuming "legal" to mean "constitutional") and ethical.


Bukko Canukko said...

From a comment you made @ teh Gen'l's blog: "backwoods burqa" for a KKKlan kkkostume -- that was clever! Did you make that one up? You should copyright it.

democommie said...

Bukko Canukko:

Done, "backwoods burqa(C)" and done.

I need to check my e-mail and see if that fuckhead sent a reply.