Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another, "What, me Racist?", kinda moment for Teabaggism

This story ( watch the video was one I originally read about over at our stalwart commander Jesus' General's blog but I just thought it belonged here. I posted the rather lengthy, spittle-flecked diatribe (but no 'backy juice stains, momma!) at ScienceBlogs after sending the note to Massa Groening. _______________________________________________________________________ Excerpt of original post at JG: I sent Mr. Groenig a note (which follows) in an e-mail. He has not had time to answer, as yet. "Kirk: It’s terrible that the Organs of the Security State came and shut down your tribute to MurKKKin values and beat you and your fellow parade goers before throwing you into the oubliette of picked on, upstanding KKKristians whose only REAL crime is not that they exercised their 1st Amendment rights to portray their abject ignorance and racist hatred--no, no, that's the Teabaggist Way--their only crime is really more of a dress code violation. Nobody in the video (or at least the 40 or seconds that I watched) was wearing a pointy hood or a "Backwoods Burqa"... no style, my man, no style at all. Oh, wait! I just heard that the Obamagoons DIDN'T attack the parade ala Bull Connors and the Selma police. Damn, ain't that a bitch, here you go to alla that trouble to try to be a martyr and the MAN just ignores your ass. What's a bigot to do? Oh, noes, according to a wire story out of Yakima, WA, which I saw in the Boston Herald (a liebral piece of crap rag, if ever saw one) you said, "'"It’s ridiculous when people say it is racism. I reject any of that,". Of course it's not racism, anymore than slavery in this country was anything but a jobs training program for those poor, iggerant darkies. Keep it up, dude, you and your fellow patriotesticles are showing the way to better gummint and, as a byproduct, closing the gulf of misunderestimating the genuine rage over nonexistent or manufactured problems that your corporate overlords have directed you to protest against. Hey, I notice Hanford ain't but a tactical nuke blast zone or so away from Naches (I admit I thought it was "Nachos" at first and couldn't figure out how them Obamexicans had got all the way up there), you're not drinking the local water are you? Just wondering." And, because I DO learn from reading the comments here (well some of them, anyway) I had to tack this on. "General, Sir: Per Kirk's (did you know, Sir, that "Kirk" is a germanic name based on the word for "church". Hmmm, y'know who also had a German name? Yep, Adolph Hitler) Facebook page, he's got something called "" that he prolly makes a lotta money at." Additional diatribble from ScienceBlogs: Michael Heath: Are you auditing a 5 or 600 level "Snark" course. Your knowledge and scholarship are still showing but the invectiveindex, while still on the civil side of the "fuckyouasshat,shutcherpiehole!" red line it is trending up and the slope is getting steeper. Good show, my man, good show! Mr. James Hanley. You seem to keep better tabs on the "Internets" award program than other people here. Has Michael Heath ever won one? Cuz, if he has I should get a piece of it--and if he hasn't, he should win one or, maybe 11, and I should get at least one whole one for guiding him into snarkitude. Fuck getting those neo-nancyboys laid--I haven't met a woman (including the three that threw me out of their houses) that I dislike enough to wish that on them. Well, I mean there are Mickey Malkin, Little Offend Annie Coulter, Lowrent Ingram, Dr. Loudrant Schittslinger, Phulla Shitfly and the rest of the FauxNews Babes and the GOP's Batshit KKKrazzee Female AuxiliaryShit, but: A: I gotta pretty strong feeling they wouldn't take one for the "Heimmannschaft" (there are other german words for "team", but this one was too unintentionally risque to pass up). B: Neo-nazis, even AryanZona neo-nazis--bloody hell, even ILLINOIS neo-nazis!! have some standards about who they'll have sex with. Oneathesedays, I gotta getta life. _________________________________________________________________________ Groening IS a racist--perhaps unconciously, but a racist, none the less--and a typical Teadouchebag. I'm not a democrat so I don't gotta wail and gnash my teeth too much about their complacency, stupidity or moral cowardice in this situation or the hundreds of others like it that have played out since the inmates took over the asylum that is the RNC. It is certainly apparent, if it wasn't before, that governance is not the goal of the GOP; the goal is to win an election, any election, at any cost.


Bukko Canukko said...

Hah! I see that that "Donald" Cornfuckeratcy defender who comments at teh Gen'l's even more compulsively than I do has been dropping some well-wishes for you there about your blood pressure. You certainly make an impression on these folks, Demo. They just want to talk and talk and talk to you.

As for what you said here about cursing and countering Teabagger patriotikkk types, I can't even summon the energy to do that. Waste of calories and electrons. Won't make any difference. America is doomed. The current pattern of Western civilization is doomed by peak oil, peak debt-finance, climate change, peak overpopulation... Not EVERYONE will die, but I reckon that at least half the number of souls currently walking around on two legs (and especially the ones lying in sickbeds) are going to die before their appointed time. And the other half, at least those of us living comfy lives in Westernized nations, may wonder whether they'd be better off joining the dead.

I intend to live, which is why I've stockpiled some food and other resources. The most important thing to get through any coming hard times is friends, though. People who will have your back. Had 'em in Oz, working on meeting new reliable folks up here (and being a reliable folk myself to them.) I reckon it's better to spend my mental energy writing things that I hope will amuse my online friends than it is raising my BP by railing against idiots who are unreachable anyway.

Too bad your kkkonservativass admirers can't come to the same conclusion.

democommie said...

Bukko Cannukko:

It took me a while to find those comments, that post was, what a week or so back? Yeah, "The Donald" is a dickhead. I just can't remember when I last saw any of his brand of teh stoopit.

You're right of course about it being a waste of time to talk to those indignorant morons, but as wastes of time go, it beats praying or watching the SCLM.

I came in alone, I'll be leaving alone. My friends, the few that I have (and they are ALL exceptional people), like me in spite of my bad habits, not because of them.

Bukko Canukko said...

"Indignorant" -- that's another good word. You should write your own dictionary.