Saturday, February 21, 2009

Constituent services

Re: My previous post on Assholes. The local paper ran an editorial on wednesday explaining why the GOP voted, in virtual lockstep, against the stimulus package. It was "partisan" of course, the author said, but it was more than that. In the finest tradition of representative government, the reptilican legislators were simply doing the job for which they were elected, voting their constituents' will on such matters. Now, aside from the fact that a lot of these ASSHOLES were elected by slim majorities--meaning that a lot of them were voting about half of their "constituents' will", there is another thing that needs to be talked about. That thing is that these ASSHOLES lie through their teeth. But, then of course, the credulous boobs that elected them in the first place always hear such lying as gospel truth and don't want the eeeeevil gubmint to confiscate their homes and businesses and send them all to labor camps so that the Obamanists can build atheist schools, open compulsory fetal abbatoirs, outlaw guns and make praying (not just in public, but privately) a felony. And they haven't even played the race card, YET. I was talking to a young fellow the evening before last, our local democratic party factotum. Nice guy, works for a living and does all the politicking on his own dime. He and I agree on one thing for sure; it ain't over. Folks who think that getting rid of Bushco was the "Win" are sadly mistaken. The GOP is a party that, at this point, is being run by a combination of political opportunists, corporatists and religious fundamentallyillists. They won't give up and there is nothing, no matter how foul, to which they will not stoop in the pursuit of their agendas. Am I paranoid? prolly. But that doesn't mean I'm wrong. A lot of people have been carping about some of Obama's appointments and also that Obama hasn't been reversing a lot of Bushco's policies. I'm not nuts about a lot of this stuff either. However, it's pretty plain to see that the GOP are willing to spike the stimulus package because it doesn't contain enough of the idiocy that got us into the situation we find ourselves in now. Of course, even though all but three of the GOP's members voted against the package they have been taking credit for "bringing home the bacon"--that's somehow different than pork? Lying fucking ASSHOLES. So, you know that the chances of making any substantive change in a lot of other stuff is going to have a snowball's chance in hell of getting done. I can't wait to see the GOP roll over on whoever Obama puts up for a SCOTUS seat. Oh, btw, Judd Gregg is still an ASSHOLE.


the Rev Jerry Gloryhole said...

If they let BHO and the Dems pass meaningful health care reform, keep SS safe, keep us reasonably safe, and arrest the economic freefall, Wingnuttia will be a petulant rump and little more for at least a generation.
Plus they get their moral code from the Bible.
We're lucky they don't murder us in our sleep.

Fran said...

Rev, I think that's in the works, actually. And they'll smile and say god made 'em do it.

In some parts of the country, that's reason enough to acquit.

knowdoubt said...

Reverend, you said, "..they get their moral code from the Bible. We're lucky they don't murder us in our sleep". You have nailed it! I grew up among these people, still correspond with some from childhood had the wonderful opportunity of living and working among the natives of Egypt not in an embassy compound or other but out in the community. The only difference between a radical Muslim and Christian Wingnut is the Muslim generally maintains some standards they simply will not abandon while the Christian will ultimately find a justification for abandoning all truths, standards or anything else if you don't agree with him and literally murder you in your sleep and feel like their place in heaven is assured as a result. Scuse me I've got to hurry to church, just covering my bases or keeping my hedge fund funded, so to speak.

knowdoubt said...

Reverend Gloryhole, your "handle" never fails to conjur up such vibrant images in my minds eye. I clicked on the link expecting to find a depiction of "home" but to no result. I ran into this shot that I wanted offer up for your use. I think NASA must have approached on your back side and caught you with your pants down here. I wish I knew how to insert a picture as Fran has in her comment, I like that, maybe she would share, if it's not proprietary?

Anonymous said...

Right you are, Demo, me boy.

Besides, the whole "voting their constituents' will" canard is just that ... we elect people to exercise good judgement; not to stick their finger in the wind before each vote.

The bottom line is, partisanship is crack to the Republicans in Congress. They're friggin' addicted to it.

(P.S. ... Word verification? "Pophosi." Now what the hell is that s'posed ta mean?)

SeattleTammy said...

knowdoubt, Here's whatcha do: Go back to demo's mainpage (or any blogspot) See that little orange "B" up top on the left? Click that, then "my profile" & "edit profile". Now you're at a Google page and you can add the picture. Have it saved on your desktop and it's easy to browse and select. It doesn't work on all websites, Fran can explain how to do it on Wordpress.

Can't wait to see what you look like! :)

knowdoubt said...

Who said it had to be yourself, I get "homepage" or your house right? But profile? seems a little more ambiguous. Thanks for the instructions, I will consider my options...,