Friday, January 16, 2009

MLK, Freedom, democracy and FGF.

Next monday is MLK Day and the inauguration is in the same week? I'm surprised that the WH didn't try to move one or the other. I'm gonna try embedding these videos, if not at least the links. I guess it's gonna be the links. U2's "Pride" Leonard Cohen's, "Democracy" and "Everybody Knows" Well, maybe it ain't FGF for you, but it will sure as hell feel good when Bush has been consigned to the dustbin of history. Fuck Bush.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent selections all, Demo.

By the way, there’s good troll huntin’ over at my joint. Some “Anonymous” dude posted a comment on my Johnny Cash thing today, which began with the typical Michelle-Malkin-induced hysteria:

“Interesting views from a member of a political party which has been ‘bought and paid for and is now owned’ by a multi-billionaire who was one of few ‘americans’ [sic] who pounded the US stock markets with short-selling after 9-11 and then justified it by saying ‘if he didnt [sic] do it, another would have.’ Nice.”

Well, I didn’t know I was a (you’ll pardon the expression) “member” of any political party, but apparently, mine has been “bought and sold” by someone. Which sucks, because it still had that new party smell. Know what I’m sayin’?