Thursday, July 17, 2014

Home of the Free, Land of the Mutt


If you're coming here from FTB, welcome. Unless you're one of the several trollishfuckbags that have infested the blog of late. If that's the case, Fuck OFF!

Comments are moderated because some of my lurkers are very sweet people who do NOT want to read comments by people who use words such as, "Fuck", "Fucker", "Asshole", "Douchebag" and other profane or obscene terms*.

"We were not a nation of immigrants in 1789.”

Thus speweth Pat PuKKKecannon, here:

He's right that they weren't REAL immigrants, expeshly if you think of MurKKKa being more like Sudetenland in 1938 or Silesia at around the same time. Not immigrants, except in the same sense as the Scots-Irish in Belfast and other parts of Northern Ireland were in the period ca. 1600--1750. After 1715 a lot of the Scots-Irish came to the colonies and did much the same as they done in Ireland, supplanting the original inhabitants (and in both cases helping the Crown to rid itself of "troublesome" individuals, tribes and nations.

and that's only ONE of the numerous, assholishly obnoxious and completely fucking WRONG memes that Pat is pushing in his latest Op-Fucked-in-the-head columns @ WND. How anyone can consider people like PuKKKecannon, Scalia and other ReiKKKwingers to have EVER been intelligent is way the hell beyond me.


is one of my favorite t-shirts, since the first time I ever saw it. I'd buy one if I did that sort of thing.

Needless to say but the current FUKKAK** at the U.S./Mexico border is sorta pickin' up where Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and some other places since 1945 left off in the area of killing totally innocent people for being fucking alive and hurting our fee-fees.


is how I prefer to have our international relationships fostered.

*      Unless they're my comments or the comments of people I like.

**    First Unholy KKKristian KKKrusade Against Kids


Bukko Boomeranger said...

Maaaaate! How are you going? I saw your screen name on a comment on the Gin and Tacos blog and had to think for a moment -- "Who is that? I recognise the name. Where from?" Glad to see you're doing better than Teh General apparently is. I miss the gits and shiggles I usedta get from his blog. I hope his health is OK. Ditto for yours.

I'm doing fine. My wife ran back to San Francisco in late 2012 after 10 depressing years of marriage, resulting in a net increase in my happiness. That freed me up to move back to Australia toward the end of 2013. Not that there was anything wrong with Vancouver, aside from the dreary weather, and my psych ward got a new boss who was a sociopathic "C U Next Tuesday," and Canucks are boring as fuck compared to Australians. Fine people, polite, hard-working, what Amerikans could have been if they weren't nucking futs, but they lack the lazy-arse "fun times" attitude of Aussies. I rented a great flat in the centre of the city with amazing water views, and I'm getting all the work I can stand as a free-lance nurse on psycho wards all over the metro area.

I hope I don't sound like I'm crowing -- I just want to share some of the good vibe that surrounds my life. It's so relaxed here, Demo. Not that life is perfect, and I work with a lot of tortured souls. But overall, there's not the sense of social tension that there is in the United Hates. It's like that Toots and the Maytalls reggae song about "Pressure Drop."

And no guns, of course. The first time I lived here, lots of people would consider me a trifle cracked when I'd go on anti-American tirades. Sadly, I now meet more agreement. The gun thing is what terrifies Aussies most. Senseless massacres are now what Amerikkka is kkknown for. Way to screw up a marketing brand identity that was 225 years in the making, gunnutz!

democommie said...

Comrade Bukko:

It is always a pleasure to hear from you, here or elsewhere.

I have not heard from teh General, an 11 on the scale of manliness, since his last post--far too long ago. I, too, hope that he is doing well and prospering.

The U.S. seems to have gone back to a time when the "Know Nothing" Party was ascendant. The difference is that the current iteration is peopled by the descendants of those who were the subjects of scorn, ridicule, heaps of vitriol and some instances of physical violence AS NEWLY ARRIVED IMMIGRANTS in the period of 1830--1850.

I liked it better when the fucking idiots that are TeabagMurKKKa spewed their nonsense in shitty, mimeographed newsletters and ranted about Flouride, commies under the bed and the NWO and weren't armed to the teeth. People with mental problems deserve some degree of pity and a lot of help. Teabaggistgunzloonz deserve the scorn, ridicule and ostracization that they bring on themselves.

Come visit, as you wish and also hit a few of the blogs I've got on my blogroll.