Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Going off the reservation

I have finally had enough of TimeWarner's bullshit. I called them this morning and cancelled my service. It will be interesting to see what they do re: billing.

I will be restricted to checking my e-mails and limiting my rants to a few minutes a day for the time being. I'm sure that will make a number of clueless assholes quite happy.--c'est la vie.

Cheers and be well.

As Rocky Racoon said, "I'll be better, doc, as soon as I am able."


Bukko Boomeranger said...

For the first month after I moved into this flat, I usedta have to carry my laptop to free wifi hotspots to get online. That's because I moved in around the Christmas/New Year's holiday period, when all the "tradies" knock off for a fortnight. It takes them another two weeks to catch up on the work they slacked out of. Things like connecting my Internet service. The downside to that Aussie "No worries, mate" easygoing lifestyle thing is the lesser-known national motto, "She'll be right." (Pronounced "royt.") Meaning "things will limp along half-arse for a while until we get around to doing 'em properly."

The hotspot was in an outdoor food court amidst some high-rise offices. All the restos closed after business hours but they left the wifi network up! I felt like a 21st Century water-carrier, only instead of a bucket, I was lugging my container to be filled with information. I'd diddle around until the battery dropped below 50%, then load a half-dozen tabs with pages that I wanted to read @ Chez Bukko and haul it all home. Like I had checked out a few publications from the Great Periodical Library in the Air. I presume you're going to be doing something similar as you work around your rapacious infomonopoly.

democommie said...

Comrade Bukko:


I am currently sitting in the Oswego, NY library, tap,tap,tappin' and somewhat missing the ADDenabler that is home internet.

I am trying to get one of my neighbors to let me log onto their network and will do that or continue what I'm doing now until I can get a better internet deal.

You should check out "Dispatches from the Culture Wars"; it's an interesting blog with lots of flamethrowin.


Joe Visionary said...

Hi all,

In all the noisy confusion that I'd call my life (kids, etc), I'd lost the opportunities to hear from the collection of wits on Jesus' General.

I'm delighted to see that the battle hasn't been abandoned.

Seems Bukko bailed on Canada and is back in Australia. Given the brutal winter we had last year, I can see joining him (Melbourne, Hobart, or kiwi cities?).

Also, I found MJS at and Dave von Ebers at

Hope you're all doing well!

democommie said...

Joe Visionary:

As you may have noticed I'm not getting by here as often as I like--it's been a long year or four and I'm no longer on the web at home. I need to post something about my 65th birthday (last week) and the attendanct foofaraw.


Joe Visionary said...

Well I'm delighted to hear that even if your operations are limited, you're still here nonetheless.

Also, Happy Birthday!


democommie said...

Thanks for your good wishes.

I will be going home in a minute--where there is no intertoobz--but, I'm going to try to get something on in the next day or so.