Saturday, October 27, 2012


From MikeB by way of Under the lobsterscope:

Masturbation is a terrible sin if you're roman catholic. Where or where is the outrage about that?

The reality is that masturbation and all of the other ways of achieving orgasm are good for men's health (and presumably, if they are responsible about it, happiness) relating directly to prostate health, especially as they get older. Depending on the source, recommendations range from twelve to  twenty-one or more orgasms a month are recommended for prostate health.

The British National Health System actually included advocating a healthy and active sex life as part of material provided to school kids - more progressive than anything you'd ever see in this country.  But then, they DID give the world Monty Python....

It's Saturday; have a little fun.

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democommie said...

Yes, masturbation is a TERRIBLE sin if you're a Cath-O-Lick. That's why the church's hierarchy keeps all of the young boys around--so that the pedophiles won't have to jerk off.