Thursday, September 06, 2012

Things you don't know that you know until you need to know them

Hey, you know how they say that you learn something new every day?

Well, last evening I and my team were playing for the undisputed Trivia Championship of G.S. Steamers debatery and drinkhole and everything turned on the final question of the Summer Classic.

That question, "Who was Abraham Lincoln's FIRST vice-president?" had every other person in the room goin', like, WTF? I told our team's recording secretary that the answer was "Hannibal Hamlin". He gave me one of those WTF looks hisself and said, "How do you know that.". I said, "I read it on a blogpost, yesterday!"*.

So, thanks to intertoobz skollarship, we won the tournament and I got my free single malt victory drink--and we get SNACKS, next week. Is life good, or what?

*  If memory serves that blogpost was one by dog gone over at Penigma.

1 comment:

dog gone said...

I do love my trivia - history trivia, bible trivia, all kinds of trivia.

Glad I could oblige - hope you lifted that bevarage to my name for a split second, and then I hope you enjoyed swallowing it for a considerably longer period of time.

I'm all in favor of quality sipping alcohol, my personal preference is for fine pure scotch, none of that blended stuff, or fine wine or brandy when not of the malted variety.

I could easily pull Andrew Johnson out as Lincoln's successor as President, but I might have to make due with either just the last name, or maybe a firt initial if put on the spot in a contest.

You must have been reading an older post though democommie; I don't recall mentioning ol' Hannibal in a recent post.

Whenever you saw it, wherever you saw it -- Congratulations!!!!!

Well done sir!