Monday, August 06, 2012

Does the BSA have a merit badge for paedophilia?


is a link to an article about the Boy Scouts of America and their cover-up, connivance/indifference to paedophiliac acts committed by scoutmasters against innocent youths.

I'm sure that subsequent statements by the BSA will contain information that all of the guilty parties were teh GAY. Yep, that's always what's involved. Young boys being preyed on by older men, it's ALL about ONLY teh GAY doin' it.

I was in the scouts (until they recruited some neo-nazi drill instructor fuckwad) from about age 8 to 12. My scoutmaster, Mr. G., was not a predator, nor was the assistant scoutmaster (afaia). There was plenty of adolescent sadism going on (I outed a couple of the Hitlerjugend within our troop and was somewhat less popular with a number of people for that--fuck 'em).

I'm sure that most scoutmasters, just like most priests, ministers and teachers who have young persons in their charge are NOT paedophiles. I'm also sure that the overwhelming number of those who ARE paedophiles are good, GOD fearin' KKKristians. It's just the way these things go.

I will be watching this unroll.


dog gone said...

What groups like the BSA and the Roman Catholics for that matter fail to understand is that pedophilia is not about gay or straight; it is about age and dominance versus young and vulnerable.

Those who have a same sex orientation are attracted to adults of their own gender, not children. Heterosexuals experience arousal, similarly, towards the opposite sex adults, not cildren.

People like the scoutmasters and the sexual predator priests can be attracted to, even obssessed with kids, regardless of whether they are male or female children, but also be attracted to adults who are opposite sex.

It is not the cut and dried pattern that the BSA or old conservative prudes imagine; the attraction is much more often a matter of who is available that is vulnerable and young, than a gender-based sexual orientation.

While the homophobes refuse to believe it, overwhelmingly, the majority of pedophile sexual predator priests were NOT gay. They just had a kid/age oriented sexual attraction, instead of being attracted to any appropriate adults. Boys were just what they had available.

And sadly, what - pardon the pun - fucked up these priests and scout masters to be attracted to kids instead of adults their own age (either gender) had a lot to do with attitudes that sex is dirty, that kids are pure, or safe, which got twisted in their development into horrible, but potentially avoidable 'paraphilia' and sexual dysfunction and deviance. And a lot of THAT came from having been abused sexually themselves.

All very tragic - and fucked up even worse for more generatiosn by the BSA and the RC.

democommie said...

dog gone:

Well said.

Abuse is much less often about sexual attraction than the ability to control the victim. Sexual acts that are degrading--make no mistake, that's what it is most of the time--is a means, not an end for many of the predators.

dog gone said...

I don't even know in the case of pedophilia if degradation is the intent in some of these cases; the priests and scout masters seem to be very fearful of sex, and to have very strained and uncomfortable attitudes about it that make relating sexually to children the only kind of sex they are capable of, because everyone else is too threatening for them.

They are more pathetic than predatory. Now the ADULT predators in the church -- and it's NOT just the RC - who use their position of trust to influence adults, more often men with adult women, including priests with nuns, but also clergy of all varieties 'couseling' adults is pretty damned sick.

But that is equally true of therapists taking advantage of vulnerable paitents as well. There is an equal abuse of trust that seems to rely as much or more on their moral and professional authority that is horribly predatory.

The role of coaches, like Sandusky, grooming kids is so horrible.

It's a toss up feeling sickened by these people, and horrified, and just sad for everyone, because so many predators were themselves first victims, which is what warped them so they couldn't have other, normal relationships as adults. That part of the cycle is sad.

What we don't need is the sick right wing prudish attitude towards sex, and sexuality, including the homophobia and the secretiveness of abstinence only/ignorance only sex ed.

People being open, and healthy, and not bigoted goes a long way to being able to identify what is healthy and what isn't.

democommie said...

dog gone:

You and I may differ in our opinions but suffice to say that the last couple of sentences in your comment are spot on. The reiKKKwing is sick AND evil.