Saturday, May 26, 2012

And then there was Mittunswillard

Rancid Puke, er, I mean Ron Paul, announced recently that his campaign was dead (something most thinking people knew, well before the beginning of 2010). Paul and the other useful idiotz of the KKKonservative KKKlown KKKar Posse will now be able to spend more time checking their account balances and using other people's money to pay down their campaign debts.

Newt Gingrich's campaign and, according to at least one report (, some non-campaign ponzi schemes*, are going bankrupt.

Palin? Out. Bachmann? Out. Santorum? Out. It's a longer, and sorry, list. 

One thing that all of the aforementioned had in common, during their campaigns, was an unbridled passion for pointing at Romney--as if they were Podpeople in the "Invasion of the Body Politic Snatchers"--and shrieking about his nonKKKonservativenessosity. Now that Mittunswillard has all but assumed the mantle of heir-apparatchik of the Kochsuckersbrother's pending buyout of the U.S. gummint they have to make nice. It's entertaining, in the sense that watching the bad guyz get whacked in the final reel is entertaining, but it's not a sustainable buzz.

For my money, the best way to REALLY piss off the overlords is to VOTE, for anyone (preferrably someone who understands science, math, the Constitution and basic economic theory) that might actually have the interests of someone OTHER than the overlords in mind.

*  Promising people that HE will right the wrongs of the DCinsiders--when he couldn't/wouldn't do it AS a DCinsider.


dog gone said...

Mitt R-money is a first class jerk, rivaled only by the primo jerkiness of Nut Gingrich. They are tied for the gold-grabbing medal for arrogance. Both are crooks, but I think the Nut Gingrich wins the crown, as the larger crook in engaging in outright illegal activity, while R-money might win out on legal but highly unethical award.

All but one of the Republican delegates going to the national convention from Minnesota are for Runny Paul, who trolls for money from white supremacists. I went to the Republican convention here in MN; Ron Paul did not win any delegates at that time, and neither did Romney; Santorum did.

Runny Paul got zip, pretty much.

So the idea that the MN GOP would give all those delegates to a candidate - not even as a token support for the candidate from MN, Michele Bachmann (even THEY are ashamed of her, deep down). Ron Paul? ALL of them?

That is the definition of a party being hijacked by the far right fringie extreme. Well, that and a bunch of crooks, which explains why we have a MN GOP 2 million in the hole and facing eviction from their headquarters.

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Democommie,
I contend that the Republican Leadership is in a full blown push to STEAL another National Election this year.

Today, in Florida under the Republican state legislature that has three fourths of the members of their party, and Rick Scott as Governor with no political experience, but having Tea Party support; 180,000 poor, black, Hispanic, college student, and elderly voters will soon be off the voting rolls, without any recourse for most, with the design to fix the election of the members of Congress, and the Presidency, in the Republicans’ hands!

The Republicans have also made registration of new voters much more difficult a procedure, and they are ready to do what happened in 2000 use corrupt methods to help fix the vote, which led to the contested election of George W. Bush, by 537 votes, throwing the election to Bush over Al Gore, who had a national popular vote lead of over a half million votes.

This is not unique to Florida today because across the country, many Republican controlled States are purging the voting roles of those who would be voting against the Republican Party.

These same State legislators are also passing anti-worker’s rights laws that basically give cart blanch to employers to extort and exploit the Working Middle Classes. They are also quietly pushing through laws giving contribution rewards of special “Tax Breaks,” or removing the responsibility of corporate taxes, and deregulation that does nothing to benefit workers and only makes sure corporations continue raping America.

This is the warning that needs to be made more public for the sake of our Democracy….or maybe it’s all ready gone.

The Justice Department is pursuing cases against, not only Florida, but many of the states across the country perpetrating this scam, and hopefully, something can be done. As I am glad that the Justice Department is pursuing these cases but I guess the question is will they get this corrected in time for this election? Another thought that comes to mind, “What would the repercussion or penalties be should the Justice Department find this purging illegal….after the election and votes already cast? A smack on the hands with a “Don’t do this again,” statement?”

Romney and the Republicans will be in control for at least the next four years. That is all they were hoping for in the first place.