Monday, April 16, 2012

Armed while Old, Fat, White and Crabby? Part 2 of 3

A half-naked old, fat, white grumpy guy was caught on video having a shooting incident over a moped.
No one appears to have been hurt; the honor of owning a moped was upheld!
On the other hand........why do none of the people who are calling this old fool with a gun a hero question the risk to others of shooting six shots down what is presumably an inhabited residential city street?
This shooting appears to endanger others, while apparently not harming the would-be criminal. No one in their right mind should call this guy a hero; he was dangerously stupid.
1. No one should be carrying a gun in their pants pocket. 
It is dangerous. 
The old geezer is lucky he didn't shoot himself in the leg when he fell on his ass.  Clearly, you can't use it if you need it - but the odds are you can't get it out of a holster quickly enough to be practically useful EITHER.  But it makes it less likely you will accidentally shoot yourself or someone else if you use one.
2. No one acting intelligently while armed with a deadly weapon tries to pull their gun on someone when that person is already pointing a gun at them.  You have already lost any possible advantage of shooting first; you will however dramatically increase the probability of getting shot yourself before you can fire.  Even if you both fire your guns, you are going to be endangering others besides the bad guy.  It does not appear any of the shots fired by this fat old white crabby guy hit the person he aimed at ---  where did they go?
This guy was a dumbass to keep arguing with someone who pulled a gun on them. 
3. Clearly, having a gun you can't get out of your pocket and that the would-be criminal doesn't know is there is NO DETERRENT to a crime.  There is nothing heroic about shooting someone in the back, there is nothing heroic in shooting at someone after they have left.  This guy is stupid and inept, not heroic.
Under normal laws applying to law enforcement, they are not allowed to shoot a suspect in the back, a suspect who is fleeing, if it endangers others.  They are not allowed to shoot a suspect who is NOT a danger to others - and when this bad guy, a black guy in a hoodie!, left the scene, I would argue that he no longer presented an imminent danger to the mo-ped owner or anyone else.
He should have been reported to the police, but the fat old white grumpy guy shouldn't be shooting someone fleeing a failed crime scene.  This is one more instance of a grump with a gun going vigilante on someone; no moped is worth shooting someone over.  It's just a dumb MOPED for Pete's sake!  No crook is going to outrun the cops on a silly old moped! (He probably couldn't outrun cops on ten speeds.)
Stop shooting and put on a shirt, PLEASE.  You're not only endangering your neighborhood, you're uglifying it.  Use better judgement, and please - better taste.  You call the cops; we won't call the fashion police on you.

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