Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

I was in the po' white trash intertoobz sector for about a month, 'cuz when I dumped Verizon and hooked up with TimeWarner there was a teensy glitch--TimeWarner couldn't find my house for about three weeks.

They got me hooked up and WOW, what a difference between Verzscum's "High Speed DSL" and TimeWarner's cheap ass, low end, "Are you sure that will be enough speed for your requirements, sir?", BARE MINIMUM download/upload speed. 

Now, then, to business.  I have decided that in future, I will be much more warm and cuddly, touchyfeelyfuzzy re: dealing with my gentle readers' oft incorrect but always sincere attempts to refute my brilliant and unbelievably modest attempts to set the world back on its true and straight path, a path from which it has wandered in recent decades.  This is not to say that I will NOT treat those morons who come here--using their own heads as organic buttplugs--and attempt to derail polite and refined discourse with their adamantine and inexhaustible indignorance with a  full measure of the disdain and the derision that they deserve*.  Nosirreebob, them sumbitches r'gonna be in my metaphorical gunzsightz like sitting ducks in a barrel full of seahorses of a diffurnt color.

RickFUCKINGSantorum?  Really?  He's the new pastywhitehope of the GOPinheads?

While I would never misunderestimate the ignorance and apathy of the 21st Century U.S. electorate, that might be enough to make even the most hardened** conservative quietly pull the lever for the darkish Obamandingo.

I know, I know, it sounds heretical but there it is.  Li'l Ricky is just the latest in a long line of populist douchebags to jump out of the GOP's clowncar of candidacy.

There are, actually, a couple of good things that ex-Senaturd Frothymix's surge***   has accomplished. 

A.)  I haven't heard squat from St. Sarah of Wassilla or the abominably stupid Michele Bachmann in at least a couple of weeks. 

2.)  Re-read the above, yeah, it's THAT good.

Z///3.4r.)  Mittunswillard's campaign accountants must be tearing their fucking hair out.  I mean, not only does Mr. FaKKKristian have to spend MORE money than anybody wants to, just to beat off, um, defeat Sangolem in states that should not have been in play; Romney just found out that Bain Capitol cannot BUY the GOP, shitcan the staff and loot the pension fund.  WTF?  How is a good, honest**** son of Zion 'sposed to get by if he can't steal MORE money?

The opinions expressed above are solely my own (and anyone else's whose head isn't about a yard up their colon).  All dissenting opinions will be read, ridiculed and discarded.  Thanks for playing.

*    Is that wordgroupthingie, " the disdain and the derision that they deserve", an example of duplex alliteration or what?

**  Unless of course we are talking about the members of the MFI  (MurKKKan Fundagelical Idiots) who would vote for Santorum if he ran against JESUS, himself--cuz' y'know a JESUS who actually expected them to follow the prescription of the Sermon On The Mount would haftabe a SATANIC impostor.

*** Is it just me or does the word, "surge", mean different things in different contexts?  When I think of the word's use, in re: to people like Sansscrotum, it conjures up images of MarkFoleyLarryCraigTedHaggardousity that puts poor Jimmy Swaggart and the always entertaining TammyFaye Bakker to shame.



mikeb302000 said...

welcome back.

democommie said...

Thanks, Mikeb302000.

I will be catching up for a few weeks as I got some work backlogged while I was offline.