Friday, October 21, 2011

is almost a year old but I just saw it.

Ford's article highlights the hypocrisy of one of the many instances where conservatards say one thing for the soundbite and say/do something entirely different when the klieg lights are turned off.

A number of my friends think I'm just too damned nasty to people with whom I disagree, that would be their perception, not reality.  I am perfectly happy to debate the merits of laissez faire capitalism v marxist run GODless nannygummint.  Or, I would be, if there was a marxist run GODless nannygummint in place in the U.S. 

What we actually have is a fairly right of center executive branch, a very right of center judiciary and a legislature that is divided into a very right of center Senate and a batshit KKKrazzeeHouse.

Many of the freshman class of SKKKrotalMurKKKinPatriotiKKK legislators spend taxpayer money to flit about he countryside encouraging their constituents to vote out the wasteful liebrals who are throwin MY MONEY away.

Teabaggists are using government to try to abolish same--except that where fuckin', druggin', drinkin' and gamblin are concerned. they're all for draconian laws, lots of enforcers and hard time. 

More later, I gotta go do some scullery work for a fundraiser tonight--

The fundraiser was a success, lots of good food and happy people.

This evening I was talking to someone who tried to tell me that Obama is the worst imaginable president and that he's done nothing and doesn't know how to lead.  When I told him that approximately half of the U.S. Congress has a scorched earth policy concerning governance his counter was that a good "leader" would not let that happen--as if there is fuck all that any president can do about congress.  Then he made a comment along the lines of the WSO protestors being a bunch of fools.  I will admit that got my blood percolatin' a bit faster.  I told him that the difference between the WSO and the SKMPF*  (other than the fact that WSO seems to have some idea what the term "coherent" means) is that the Kochsuckers aren't funding the WSO,.  and, oh yeah, the Teabaggists are, in far too many instances for it to be a coincidence, racists. 

He then said that all Obama wants to do is bring bands to the WH to play.  I then told him I was done talking to him because I won't debate with people whose arguments are racist.  It's not what I really wanted to say.  I wanted to tell him that he was a complete fucking asshole.  I did tell him that he was a racist, which he denied.  I am really amazed, sometimes, at the level of cognitive dissonance on the right.

*  SKKKrotalMurKKKinPatriotiKKK Front

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