Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The limits of "Free Speech" here and elsewhere

I have commented at this place, for the last few years. Nice folks run the place, they do a valuable service as far as I'm concerned. However, I've overstepped their limits often enough recently that they have deleted a few of my comments (or simply lost them--the effect is the same) that were deemed too nasty. That is certainly their right, it is their forum.

I gotta walk the dog and do a few chores so, for now, I will just post The rant, in it's entirety

(In reply to a comment about dealing with the facts instead of making personal attacks):

Rant ON/

Not if only one side is dealing in facts.

Rational Nation is neither. You know as well as I do that his premise is bullshit. It's not based in anything other than his personal bias or his party’s talking points. He claims to be a libertarianish sortaguy. He doesn't want gummint to get into HIS life, but it's okay for gummint to get into a woman's BODY. It's bullshit.

Then he goes all weepy when he's called out.
"Oh, and democommie, speaking of dickheads.  I'm outta here."

So, it's okay for him to use an "offensive" term because others already did?

I've taken to copying my comments of late because a number of them HAVE been deleted in the last several months. It's particularly ironic that Capt. Fogg is less afraid of being killed by some moron with a gun than he is of having someone "offended" by my or anyone else's language.  First Amendment, boys--yeah, I know this is a private place, blah, blah, blah--and it is your perfect right to do whatever the hell you like in terms of moderation. Hell, I moderate comments; for two reasons, spam and gunzloonz assholes' comments. Neither will see the light of day at my blog, not because I find them personally offensive but because they are a waste of time for anyone else to read. My position on gunzloonery are well known to anyone who's been to my blog or any blog on which I comment that has gunzloonztrollz. There's plenty of gunnzloonz blogz out there for them to fingerpaint with their own feces, I don't need to give them a "bully pulpit" (and I do mean "bully"). And, spam? well, wtf? Anyone else can say anything they want with two caveats--no threats, specific or otherwise (especially as a means of intimidation) and they have to be actually talking about something that is germane to the thread.  

Just don't forget that the fuckwad RWA's depend on being able to shame angry people into keeping silent. It works quite well for them, they get to be hateful racist, misogynistic, xenophobic asshats but, because they don't say, "Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker and Tits."* they have the "moral high ground"? Ive seen some pretty good blogs shut down by the haterz (many of whom, btw, are much, much worse than I am re: insults and "attacks"); I've never seen one shut down by "foul language".
FreeThoughtBlogs is a sterling example of how a group of blogs function vis-à-vis their various comment policies. The ones that moderate for "language" and "personal attacks” (calling an asshole, an "asshole"--or something similar) tend to not get nearly as varied and interesting a group of commenters.
You folks have a pretty nice blog and that's one of the reasons I never really wanted to post here, I draw gunzloonz sometimes and that's unfortunate for the rest of the readers. I genuinely like the majority of your posts and wish you well but I am leaving and when I leave a blog I pretty generally stay gone. You're all welcome at my place with the exception of Irrational Nutjob who has had his feelings hurt and is never coming ba...., oh, wait, what's this?
"I prefer an apology, then I MIGHT consider a single malt scotch."
Apologize? Not fucking likely, give you a single malt--asking for a "single malt scotch" indicates a tyro, btw--? not unless I run it through my kidney's first and pour it over your headstone.

"...but unless these thugs are locked forever in hot and tight cages, waterboarded, tubes crammed down their throats and screamed at day and night for the rest of their lives, justice will not have been done..."
btw, is not 'zackly INOFFENSIVE to anyone who has had a friend or loved one murdered while attempting to do their job as a LEO. Just sayin'. OTOH, all cops are pieces-of-shit thugs and goons to some folks. I know that I’ve met some that were massive assholes; then again, I’ve known a number of them who were pretty decent people trying to do a shitty job, well, for an unappreciative bunch of morons. But, yeah, I can see lumping them all together, forever. The Las Vegas PD is fucked, no doubt about it, but suggesting that the guys who did what they are accused of doing should be punished forever, under horrible conditions, well, that’s pretty much raw emotional, limbic shit.
I do, Capt. Fogg, support your right to say it, though—here OR at my blog, as long as it’s got something to do with the thread that it’s on.

Run this or don't, it will be up at my blog, and after a week or so, I'll remove you from my blogroll so that foul-mouthed contrarians like me won't be coming to bother you.

/Rant OFF.
I will be back later to edit (cut'n'paste  seems to always result in weird artifacts) and fix my beady "editor" eye on any comments that come in.

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